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Chronic conditions

Have you had the same symptom(s) for months, or even years? Perhaps you've received a diagnosis, maybe not; either way, approach your health from an integrative, holistic perspective. You will be supported in  discovering how your body responds to its environment, making  diet and lifestyle changes that improve your overall wellness , and incorporating therapies to support your individual needs.

Acute conditions

Using skills such as botanical medicine and hydrotherapy naturopathic medicine can help to quell symptoms of common ailments such as headaches, sore throat, runny nose, upset tummy, and more!


Are you concerned about your future health due to family history, current health complaints, or personal practices? Partner with Dr. Heckard to support your physiology and overall wellness.

Stress management

Feeling particularly overwhelmed lately? Having difficulty doing daily activities? Naturopathic therapies such as mind/body medicine and botanical medicine may be able to help!

Weight management

Looking for a healthy way to lose, or gain, weight? By supporting you in making sustainable changes to your diet and level of activity, Dr. Heckard-Dunn will do her best to help you reach your goals. Check out the Weigh To Go Program!

Pain management

Whether you've had recent trauma or you've been in pain for a long period of time, physical medicine (ie hydrotherapy, stretching, etc) , exercise therapy, mind/body medicine, and topical applications can help with improving your pain.

meet dr. deja heckard-dunn

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Dr. Heckard-Dunn partners with patients to deliver individualized naturopathic care. Using comprehensive treatment plans she strives to correct underlying physiological imbalances to promote symptom improvement. While symptom control may sometimes be used for immediate relief, the ultimate goal is to establish an internal environment that encourages biological pathways to function as optimally as possible.


  • B.S. (Biology) - Spelman College

  • Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine - Bastyr University


  • Treat all aspects of the individual

  • Educate patients

  • Partner with patients to make safe, indicated, and effective treatment plans

  • Trusted referrals for team care

Areas of interest:

  • Integrated medicine

  • Health disparities and Accessible care

    • Founder of Real Heal Wellness - a nonprofit organization dedicated to wellness, prevention, and holistic health for black girls and womxn.​

  • Digestive health

  • Non-pharmaceutical pain management

  • Diet and lifestyle change

  • Adolescent health

  • Diabetes and cardiovascular disease

  • Integrated sickle cell management


Office visits

An in-person visit with Dr. Heckard-Dunn at Stillwater Clinic and Apothecary.


A virtual visit with Dr. Heckard-Dunn from the location of your choice.


Improve the health of your employees, both individually and as a community.


Healthy, effective support and education as you navigate reaching your weight goals.