small business wellness

  • Medical Team

    Trained & Licensed Doctor on board.

    In addition to promoting healthy lifestyles and assisting employees in making changes to their habits having a board-certified, licensed ND allows employees to establish individual care including lab orders/interpretation, individualized nutraceutical & supplement recommendations, physical exam, and screenings!

  • Alternative Medicine

    Give employees a holistic, integrative care option.

    Holistic and integrative care options are certainly in high demand! With Dr. Heckard-Dunn's employee wellness program, you can bring these options directly to your employees and avoid the high premiums that insurance companies charge to cover them!

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    Individual & group wellness options.

    Employee wellness options are tailored to the needs of the employees and the company. Whether you're looking to promote wellness in the workplace or wanting to decrease the out-of-pocket cost of medical expenses for your individual employees, Dr. Heckard-Dunn has options for you!

  • Dancing Hands

    Cultural competence & social justice lens.

    Diversity, inclusion, and equity in the workplace greatly impact morale and performance. Dr. Heckard-Dunn approaches employee wellness in a manner that accounts for the individual challenges that all employees face based on their race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and all other facets of the person.


*specifically designed for small businesses with 20 employees or less. Corporate businesses, please get in touch for individual program design & pricing*

  • Group Meeting


    Classes range from 60 to 90 minutes and consist of a presentation and Q&A session. 

    Single class: $45/employee

    ($180 minimum)

  • Cooking Class


    Workshops are 90 to 120 minutes and consist of a short, introductory presentation followed by hands-on/guided activities. 

    Single workshop: $65/employee

    ($300 minimum)

  • Diet Plan


    Programs range from 4 to 12 weeks and consist of classes, workshops, and/or individual visits. Scroll down to see details for preset programs. Programs can also be tailored to the needs of the employees/company.

    Prices vary based on program selected.

  • Nurse and Patient

    Individual Wellness Visits


    On-site individual wellness visits allow employees to establish care with Dr. Heckard-Dunn, thus allowing for lab draw and interpretation, nutraceutical and herbal medicine recommendations, physical medicine treatments, appropriate screenings, and more!



*specifically designed for small businesses with 20 employees or less. Corporate businesses, please get in touch for individual program design & pricing*

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    Wellness Burst

    2 classes & 2 workshops hosted over 4 separate days.


    $600 minimum

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    Welcome to Wellness

     4-week program consisting of 2 classes, 2 workshops, & 1 individual wellness visit (abbreviated new patient visit), complete with treatment plan and 1-month virtual check-in for each employee. 


    $1400 minimum

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    Cultivating Wellness

    8-week program consisting of 4 classes, 4 workshops, & 2 individual wellness visits (abbreviated new patient visit and one, 30-minute follow-up), complete with treatment plan and two 1-month check-ins for each employee.


    $2000 minimum

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    Maintaining Wellness

    12-week program consisting of 6 classes, 6 workshops, & 4 individual wellness visits (complete new patient visit and three, 30 minute follow-up visits), complete with treatment plans and check-ins, as needed for the individual.



    $4,000 minimum

example topics for classes/workshops

All employee wellness services are tailored to fit the individual needs of the employees & company.

After scheduling, Dr. Heckard-Dunn will contact you to review your needs and develop a plan that fits your desires. Below are example class topics that Dr. Heckard-Dunn has conducted and people have found useful in the past. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of offerings.

General Topics

Beginning the road to wellness; Making health goals and sticking to them; Making sustainable lifestyle change; How diversity & inclusion impact health


Finding a healthy work/life balance; How to manage your stress; Meditation for beginners; How your emotions impact your health

Pain Management

Understanding & Relating to pain; The Pain/Trauma cycle; How to manage chronic pain at home; Maintaining proper ergonomics


What is a balanced diet; Meal planning/prepping; Food as medicine; Fad diets: are they worth it; Grocery shopping made simple