frequently asked questions


I've seen lots of doctors but never an ND, what's the difference?

Naturopathic doctors are trained in a number of skills including basic primary care medicine, botanical medicine, physical medicine, counseling, diet and lifestyle management, and homeopathy. NDs take a holistic approach to health that focuses on fortifying the body's systems and supporting health with a lifestyle of wellness. You may have heard that naturopathic doctors "treat the cause" not just the symptoms - and that is what we strive to do. 


I haven't had much success with past treatments, can you help?

It's possible! I never guarantee that I will be able to make a significant change in your symptoms, but I do guarantee that I will try my best, and make appropriate referrals as soon as I realize that my services won't benefit you *it does take time for naturopathic treatments to work, so I won't give up easily, but I will know when it's not serving us.*


Do you accept health insurance?

Unfortunately, I do not accept health insurance. I hold my license in Colorado, and insurance companies do not, generally, contract with us in the state. I hope to see this change soon. I do offer fees on a sliding scale for low-income patients. Contact me for more info!


What if I want a telehealth visit, but don't have a computer?

If you do no have access to a computer, or are not comfortable using one, I will gladly make accommodations for phone visits however, this may require you to schedule an appointment with another doctor swiftly to assess your symptoms in person.


Do you prescribe pharmaceutical medications?

I do not prescribe pharmaceutical medications. However, I do have an understanding of basic pharmaceutical medications, why they are prescribed, and why they are necessary. I'm always happy to educate patients on the importance of their medications.


Will you take me off the medication that an MD has prescribed to me?

Absolutely not. I will, however, communicate with other healthcare providers to discuss medication management - if they are willing - but I will never remove a patient from a pharmaceutical medication prescribed by another doctor.


What is botanical medicine? Physical medicine?

Botanical medicine is the use of therapeutic plants and herbs in formulations to treat specific conditions. Botanical medicine may come in the form of capsules, tea, topicals, tinctures, or suppositories.

Physical medicine encompasses therapies that work on pain and the musculoskeletal system. Therapies include hydrotherapy, Muscle Energy Stretching, ultrasound, therapeutic massage, trigger point therapy, topical laser application, naturopathic adjustment, and more.


Are there discounts offered on any services?


I happily offer discounts on all services to students, seniors, military, veterans, and other healthcare professionals with proof of ID.

Black-owned and women-owned businesses are given corporate wellness discounts based on size and need.

Refer your family, or friends, and receive a $15 discount on the next service for yourself and your referral!


Does Dr. Heckard-Dunn see children?

Yes. I am happy to see children over the age of 2. For children ages 2-8, I will make some botanical medicine, or supplement, recommendations while primarily focusing on diet and lifestyle management and very gentle, at-home, evidence-based therapies.


We would like more than 12 weeks of corporate wellness for our company, is that possible?

Absolutely, contact me for a chat and we will get something figured out for your specific needs.