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small businesses

*large companies (over 20 employees) please get in touch via phone or email to discuss options*

Size of Business
Program of Interest

  • Workshops must be limited to 25 people or less, depending on space. For medium-large size companies with more employees, plan to have the workshop split into multiple days to accommodate everyone (when this is necessary, we will attempt to schedule workshops in the same week when possible)

  • individual visits may incur additional expenses for supplement recommendations (employer or employee can choose to pay these or forego recommendation)

  • Time is strictly adhered to during individual visits to be fair to all employees. Employees should expect no more than 60 minutes for their first individual consultation, and no more than 30 minutes for any follow-ups.

  • Companies with more than 50 employees will incur an additional fee for individual visits. Alternatively, large companies can opt to have small group visits (3-5 employees) instead of individual visits for no additional charge.

  • All in-person employee wellness events and visits will be conducted on the premises of the business. If this is not possible, we will attempt to locate rental space - any additional costs are the responsibility of the business being serviced.

  • All events and visits will start promptly at the scheduled time. Failure to do so may result in less time to complete activities at-hand. Dr. Heckard will not be held responsible for any shortened events, or visits, that result from employees missing the start time.