how virtual visits work

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A free, 15-minute phonecall to determine if naturopathic medicine  is a good fit for your health needs.

2. New patient visit

A 60 minute virtual visit. Current health complaints, pertinent history and medical information will be discussed.


Outlines treatment recommendations and plans and goals for your health. Included in the cost of your new patient visit


Partner with Dr. Heckard-Dunn to successfully implement your treatment plan.

what to expect

1. phone consult

What you need:

  • a phone with a good connection

  • a quiet space for approximately 15 minutes

What will be discussed:​

  • current health complaint(s)/prioritizing health complaints

  • your health goals

  • types of treatments and therapies you're open to implementing

Other information:​

  • Dr. Heckard-Dunn will call you at the appointed time.

  • The duration of the call will be no more than 15 minutes for it to qualify as a "free, initial" consult

  • It is completely up to you if, and when, you would like to schedule. 

2. new patient visit

What you need:

  • a computer with internet connection

  • a quiet space to hold a confidential conversation for 60 minutes

  • any pertinent medical or lab history (sent to Dr. Heckard-Dunn before your appointment)

What will be discussed:​

  • thorough history of current health complaint(s)

  • thorough discussion of daily life.

  • thorough review of body systems/other symptoms you may be experiencing.

Other information:​

  • Dr. Heckard-Dunn will call you at the appointed time.

  • The duration of the call will be no more than 60 minutes. Any extra time will be charged ($20/15 minutes).

  • Be prepared for 'virtual physical exam' for acute conditions like rashes or common colds.

3. treatment plan

You will receive a treatment plan within 48 hours of your new patient visit. The plan will outline recommendations for follow-up, herbs and/or supplements, diet/lifestyle, and future treatment goals. Plans may include:

  • Diet and nutrition therapy

  • Botanical medicine

  • Supplementation

  • Mind/Body Medicine

  • Physical medicine

    • hydrotherapy​

    • at-home exercise therapy

    • at-home stretching

    • trigger point therapy

  • Patient education​

    • pharmaceuticals​

    • treatment options

  • Referrals​

  • Appropriate resources

4. road to wellness

After sending your treatment plan, Dr. Heckard-Dunn will reach out to set up an appointment for a brief phone call (free of charge) to discuss the recommendations. From there, she will support you in effectively implementing the plan via check-ins and follow-up appointments. Dr. Heckard-Dunn's main priority is assisting you in reaching tangible changes. Therefore, she is always willing to make reasonable changes to recommendations to accomodate your needs. Be prepared to commit to wellness to see lasting results that improve your health!

Feel supported in reaching your goals with naturopathic care.




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 New patient visit


Return patient visit (30 min)


return patient visit (60 min)


Patients may be charged for visits that extend past their scheduled time slot. Extra time will be billed at $20 for each 15 minute increment of extra time. Patients will be notified regarding extra charge before cost is incurred.