what is a wellness event?

Wellness events are a fun way to connect with your friends and family while learning practical ways to support your health. Events can be held virtually or in-person (either at your home, or at a location of your choice). Check out our event options below! If you would like to schedule an event with a topic tailored to the needs of your group, please contact Dr. Heckard to discuss other options! 

how it works

1. invite guests

Invite family, friends, or organization members to your event!

2. request event

After you have your guest list ready to go, fill out the form below to request to book.

3. get scheduled

After you request to book, Dr. Heckard will call you to confirm and schedule.

5. receive event materials

For virtual events, materials will be shipped directly to participants' home(s).

6. have fun!

You choose where, and how, your group meets. Dr. Heckard will be there to facilitate the event. 

event options

Herbal tea formulation

Get ready for an educational teatime with your favorite people! We will discuss how to get the most benefit from your tea, how to make your tea taste good, and how to source herbs that are ecologically-friendly and reliable.

herbal wine formulation

We're taking a glass of wine to a totally new level. We will taste different infused wines, enjoy snacks, and have a quick lesson about how to make your own infusions!

medicinal salad dressing formulation

Get ready to take your salads, marinades, and sauces to another level! We will infuse oils, vinegars, and/or honey, discuss different ways to use our infusions, and taste different formulations!

at-home hydrotherapy

Get ready to experience spa treatments in the comfort of your own home! Learn about the benefits of hydrotherapy, and how to perform a number of at-home treatments to keep you feeling well!

event request

To book an event please fill out the form below.